Line Details

Line Size

First Horizon Bank offers mortgage warehouse lines of credit ranging from $3 Million to $50 Million.

Interest Rate

Our warehouse relationships are priced competitively with other major national lenders and tailored to each customer’s specific circumstances. Rates are typically based on 30-day LIBOR plus a spread determined by loan volumes, funding methods, operational expenses, etc.

Warehouse Fee

We charge one all-inclusive warehouse fee for each loan funded. The amount of the fee is tailored to each relationship and is based on factors such as interest rate, funding method, loan volume, etc.

Other Fees

There are no application fees, no shipping fees, no report fees, no legal fees, and no due diligence fees. A non-usage fee may apply in certain circumstances.


The First Horizon warehouse line may be used to fund up to the full note amount of a loan. We do require that loans be funded net of discount points and fees to be retained by you (i.e., “net funded”).

Maximum Leverage Ratio

Our maximum leverage for warehouse relationships is 15:1.  This calculation is based on the combined net worth of your company and the qualifying net worth of all guarantors.

Warehouse Time Limit

The typical dwell limit is 45 days, but we will consider longer periods if appropriate. On average, our customers sell their loans in about 2 weeks.

Eligible Loan Types

You may fund conforming, reverse, government, and jumbo loans on your First Horizon Bank warehouse line. Other loan types may be acceptable as well … check with us.

Funding Mechanisms

Registering and funding a loan on your First Horizon Bank warehouse line of credit is simple.  A single form with basic loan information may be uploaded to our website or a spreadsheet may be used to upload in batch format.  Once loans are registered, the customer may request funding via wire transfer or First Horizon Bank cashier’s check.

Qualifying Requirements To Get A First Horizon Warehouse Line

You must have a minimum of $500,000 tangible net worth in your company and have been in business at least three years. We need to see acceptable liquidity, a track record of profitability, and you must have excellent references. The personal guaranty of the owner(s) is required.

The underwriting and approval process includes appropriate due diligence such as credit, reference checks, licenses and public records search (corporate and guarantor).